Jazenta is a small kennel of quality Cardigan Welsh Corgis and Skye Terriers situated in the Stacks Mountains about Tralee in the County of Kerry.

We only occasionally breed from our girls as we concentrate on type, temperament ,quality and health.

All health checks are carried out on all of our skyes and Cardigan Corgis in order that we have full knowledge of our lines and breeding implications.

We have been showing at exhibitions for more than 45 years, firstly with Pembroke Corgis and then Cardigan Corgis.  After a very long wait we were delighted to be offered a Skye Terrier female from the Yardican kennel, I love the Skye Terrier breed and we were only too happy to have Fiona (Multi Champion Yardican Beautiful).  Another few years went past when we decided to increase our Skye Terrier numbers and we approached the World famous kennel of Finnsky to see if they  would consider allowing us to have one of their Skye Terriers to live with us here in Ireland.   To our delight they agreed and it was a very happy day when Moe (Multi CH Finnsky Momentous) came to live with us.  Due to the Pet Passport regulations at the time we had to wait patiently for another 11 months before Moe was able to join us, it was well worth the wait and in the meantime Moe was shown in Finland by Carina and Krista Kitti to many successes.

Jazenta enjoy many successes in the show ring with the Corgis and Skye Terrier.

Jazenta Kennel can be found around the show rings all over Europe and are more than happy to chat with other exhibitors and non show people who are just interested in the breeds.

We thank all the kennels that have co-operated with us over the years and allowed us to produce consistent happy healthy  youngsters with fabulous temperaments

We are happy you have chosen to browse our Web site for more information about Jazenta Cardigan Welsh Corgis or Skye Terriers. If you have any questions or would like to have further information about either breed please do not hesitate to contact us, we are only too happy to assist  please e-mail us at

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